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As professional manufacture, supply and export Life Fitness Exercise Equipment in Taiwan. With engineer staff more than 20. strong R&D capability, advanced production lines, perfect Q/A control system and strict raw material purchase control enable our products to meet trade standard and customer's quality level and delivery date. Our quality policy is quality first, offer high quality and high reliability products to our customers and do not make any trouble to our customers. Please contact now.
Life Fitness Exercise Equipment - 8249
Model: 8249
Life Fitness Exercise Equipment

New fashion treadmill
Fitness equipment- home use

LED dynamic display
Dot matrix display
Speed/incline quick button
Program preset
Soft drop
Crystal instrument
Cushion deck
Multi-layer Q deck
Audio interface
Low impact walking system
Intelligent scroll wheel
Touch screen key pad

01.Plastic color can be color coating.
02.Pulse can be hand or chest.
03.Walking deck can be RC, Q deck or D deck.
04.Hand rail can be dual function or moving sensor or none.

Model no: 8249
Motor hp cont: 2.0hp
Display windows: LED matrix
Speed: 0.8-16km
Incline: power 10%
Running area: 460*1270mm
Quick buttons: yes
Programs: 10preset+hrc
Pulse: yes(02)
Keypad: clear-touch screen
Audio in /speakers: yes
Size(mm) : 1705*770*1280mm


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Life Fitness Exercise Equipment

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